2019 Summer Solstice Astrology Retreat

3 Day Workshop in Bulgaria

Where: Santa Marina, Sozopol, Bulgaria
When: 20th, 21st, 22nd and part of 23rd of June 2019, a summer solstice astrology bash! 
Capacity: 30 to 40 keen astrology lovers! 
Price: $1100


I am so excited to be able to organize my FIRST LIVE astrology retreat featuring me - Astrolada and the unique astrology phenomenon Nikola Stoijanovic!

I have chosen the magical time of the 2019 Summer Solstice, when the energies of Light and Life are at their fullest! We will be in the ancient lands of the mystical Thracians and Orpheus, the cradle of civilization, by the healing waters of the Black sea and the rolling hills of the oldest mountain in Europe: Strandja mountain. 

The Workshop will focus on PREDICTIVE Techniques. Each day will start with a 3 hours lecture from Astrolada, followed by a lunch break and a lecture from Nikola. Then we are off to the beaches or sacred places, hanging out, free-styling, talking about astrology and making friends! At night we party! 

We will share with you, our best and most effective techniques for prediction and prognosis which we have tested over thousands of clients and decades of work!

Nikola will reveal the  secrets of Solar Returns with multiple simple examples from his clients. Nikola is known as the astrologer with most specific and mind blowing correct predictions,  now his clear logical method will up your astrology game too!

I will focus on transits, simple solar return techniques, solar arcs and progressions. I will even show you how I use the Vedic dashas, so you can see the general trends for big chunks of time ahead! All my predictive "tricks" and the techniques I have found most effective over the years, will be yours too! And don't worry, I prefer SIMPLE and FAST! Working with multiple clients daily, led me to discover and perfect the fastest and most simple techniques which can help you make prognosis at a glance. I will not use complex astrology software, I will demonstrate you how you can make predictions just using basic free tools and calculators from astro.com or my website. 

All will be recorded and sent to you after that for personal use!

santa marina
Hotel Santa Marina

You will need basic astrology knowledge of the meanings of the signs, planets, houses, aspects. 

But if you don't have this, don't worry, because as part of the package I am giving for FREE my foundational classes: Secrets of the 12 signs and Secrets of the 12 Houses with 120 hours of in depth material, which will introduce you to the amazing world of astrology! You will just have to do some studying before you come!

These 24 foundational classes, each 4 to 6 hours long, are worth $500 when bought separately! 
I am also giving away to everyone present, 4 of Nikola's best selling webinars, worth $160, so you get to study his methods before the seminar too!

And I have another freebie for you! Everyone present will receive 6 months FREE subscription to my personal Transit Calendar, otherwise worth: $30! So you can follow your transits and let the material we learn for predictions sink in! 


So for $1100 you receive a 3 day intensive workshops and lectures from me and Nikola and courses worth $690 dollars!! 

We also have a DISCOUNT on the rooms. 10 to 15% for anyone staying in Santa Marina

You can even split fees for the rooms by sharing accommodations with other attendants of the retreat, by connecting on the facebook page for the event: Astrolada 2019 Summer Retreat

You can share car rentals too! 

And mostly importantly you can make so many new lifelong friends, whom you can share your passion for astrology with!

Loose outline of the schedule:

Day 1: June 20th

9am: 3 hour lecture, Predicting with transits different life events.  (love, career, health) 

12 am: 1 Hour Lunch Break in the scenic complex Restaurant (not included in price)

1pm: 2.5 Hour lecture on Solar Returns by Nikola

3:30 pm: Sunbathing time! Bring your bikini or swimsuit and let's tan, relax and chit chit astrology, let's get to know each other! 
You can choose from one of the many swimming pools in the complex or the nearby private beach. 

7:30 pm: Let's meet up in Sozopol, explore the ruins of the 5000 year old town, roam the cobbled streets full of artisan shops, restaurants and bars. Then we feast! 

Arcutino beach

Day 2: June 21st

9am: 3 Hour Lecture on Predictive techniques: simples and effective methods for predictions: Solar returns, Solar arcs, Progressions, Dashas. 

12 pm: Lunch break 

1pm: 2.5 Hour Lecture with Nikola

4:30 pm: Visit to the Sacred Astrology Megalith Site Beglitash. (30 min drive, own vehicles or we can organize a bus for all) 

8 pm: Dinner in a scenic restaurant in Sozopol:

sacred astrology site

Day 3: June 22nd

5 am: Greeting of the Sunrise on the sacred day of the Summer Solstice! Sunrise at: 5:30 am. (if you are a late sleeper, you can rest! ;)

9am: 3 Hour Lecture with Astrolada: Predicitive techniques examples Q&A 

12 pm: Lunch Break

1pm: 2.5 Hour Lecture with Nikola

4 pm: Beach time! We are heading down to the big beaches, depends what place you are drawn to. For the party goes: Gradina beach (5 min drive) for wilder times (Famous DJs from around the world, pumping music, lots of cocktails or Zlatna Ribka (calmer beach), Arcutino beach (15 min drive)(nature reserve with dunes and sand lilies, Nude sunbathing also possible, very peaceful) or Kavatzite beach (8 minute drive).  

party dirty gradina

Gradina Beach party

8:30 pm: PARTY TIME! Summer Solstice Party in the Amphitheater in the complex! I am making Bulgarian FOOD! LOTS of delicious dishes and good music! If you want to carry on the party after, you can go to Gradina Beach again. 


We might have to change the order of the events, depending on the weather forecast! Let's hope it is sunny all the time so we can come back with a good tan!

You can fly to Sofia (4 hours Drive to Sozopol), Burgas airport (30 mins drive to Sozopol) or even Istanbul in Turkey (4 hour drive) and rent a car, take a bus or train. If you land in Burgas Airport (30 mins away) there is a hotel shuttle to Sozopol you can rent. You can share rental cars with other participant by making arrangements on the FB page.  You can even share hotel suits. 

I can recommend other hotels around the Complex we will be in. Any Hotel in Budjaka, Sozopol is close by! And there are hundreds of these for very decent price: from $30 to $100 per night! 

Prices in Bulgaria are 2 to 3 times less than in the rest of Europe, so your money will go a long way! The highest cost will be the flight ticket, if you are coming from USA or other far distances. 

If you are interested in participating, reserve your seat now, for just $200 (it is non-refundable, unless the seminar doesn't come to fruition). Pay the rest after March 15th, at which point we will know if we have the necessary number of people (minimum 30). I will send you instructions how to pay the rest $900 after March 15th (via check or bank transfer). Do not book your tickets and rooms before we have the minimum number of participants first. But DO NOT wait too long to reserve your seat either, since we have a capacity of 40 people only and many students in Europe who are interested in the event! 

Once we have a confirmation of the minimal number of people (it might be way earlier than March 15th, if seats fill in fast), then you can proceed with booking of the rooms, car rental and flight tickets. I will help you in the process if you have any questions and give you the discount codes!

SO EXCITED! This will be AWESOME! 

To Reserve your place click here