10 Keys to Happiness

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It took me many years of studying and practice to figure out the basic mistakes people make and many ways in which they destroy their own happiness. I’ve conducted trainings and seminars in many different parts of the world and I’ve spoken to thousands of participants. In the end I’ve reached the conclusion that there are only 10 keys to happy relationships!


If you want to find out:

  • how to be a happy person;
  • how to improve and develop your marriage or relationship;
  • how to bring more love into your life;
  • how to become aware of the mistakes you make and what needs to be changed.


If you’re already tired of:

  • picking wrong partners;
  • feeling like a victim, savior or tyrant;
  • at times losing faith in love;
  • not getting pleasure out of life;
  • not being able to find balance between work and your personal life;
  • living a stressful life.


If you’ve decided to finally choose to be happy this is the book for you!

Attention! This book contains many assignments. If you want to make the most of it it’s obligatory to work on them! It won’t be possible to change your life just by reading. But if you are persistent and follow exactly what I tell you – I guarantee that after 100 days your life will be completely different!


If you still have doubts that’s even possible I want to share with you a few of the metamorphoses that happened to some of the ladies I’ve advised:


  1. A woman with two children and sick mother was taking care of her entire family and she was tired and exhausted all the time. She started living according to a system I taught her, and three months later she met the man of her dreams. They moved together to another country and now he takes care of her and her family. Her job is creative and she’s practicing it only because it gives her pleasure.
  2. Another woman was working at a financial company and she was way more successful than her partner. She started living according to our system and got pregnant after 100 days and her partner became manager of a company. They moved to the house of their dreams, left the noisy city, and nowadays she’s living as a happy woman and a mother at the seaside.
  3. After 25 years of marriage a man fell in love with a young  woman who works as an office manager, and left his wife with whom he’d started a successful business. He took everything and left her out of a job, home and family. She started living according to our new system, started her own business and met a new man that loves her deeply. In her 50’s she found out for the first time what it feels like to be really adored and at the moment she travels the world with her new love.
  4. There was a man who wanted to construct a big project but did not have the money for it. He started living according to the system and soon after that he received European funding. He built a huge project and invited me to the big opening.


Miracles do happen! The reason our trainings are always full is because the participants achieve results afterwards and people around them witness that, and thus want to take part themselves.


An important element of a person’s development is selflessly serving others. To me personally this is fundamental. It is the why I’m sharing with you my experience and knowledge for free, solely for one reason – that you find happiness! Your happiness in particular makes my life much fuller.


All the things I’ll offer you work! You just have to apply them!


If you’re ready to change your life – then welcome to the world of happy people!



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