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Saturn Conjunct Moon in the Birth Chart

Let us explore the meaning of Saturn conjunction to the Moon. How will such a person behave? What events and potential developments does this combination foretell about the life of the native? 


To find out of you have Saturn with the Moon in your birth chart click here for the birth chart calculator and check if you have Sa and Mo in the same sector (Zodiac Sign) of the chart as indicated on the natal chart below

Any planet which is conjunct Saturn is starved. The Moon is the emotional happiness and balance of the person. When Saturn starves it, then often such a person is emotionally starved. They will usually have difficulty showing their feelings and affections to others, they might even feel disconnected from what they feel, and this is often due to a childhood experience of less attention and affection. Maybe they were one of many children whom the mother(Moon) did not have much time to shower with love, or maybe the mother figure was harsher and more emotionally detached due to busy career or personal problems. Often the mother was more authoritative and less affectionate, and in extreme cases the relationship with the major nurturing figure was quite strained or downright hostile. Weather the lighter or more extreme case, something in the natural way of emotional and motherly nurturing was interrupted or lacking in their growing up years. These people, tend to expect the same from their relationships, so they either close up to these in order not to be hurt or do not connect too deeply from the heart as a protective measure. Or they can just have a poor self image in younge age, which even if they try to hide, is felt by others as a vibration of “I am not worthy enough” “why would anyone love me” “I do not deserve good things” and often their earlier relationships with others, tend to reflect this theme-the Moon Saturn person can allow others to take advantage of them, excuse bad behaviour of others(because they will often look for the faults within themselves) or attract partners who do not appreciate them fully and take them for granted or even abuse them. This, I repeat, is the case in the first 30-35 years of life.


The Moon is the mind of the person, whatever planet is with the Moon will be the major vibration and focus for the person. Saturn is the planet of our weaknesses and vulnerabilities-the things we feel inadequate about: so Moon Saturn people usually have a very strong awareness of their defects(real or imaginary) and flaws. They live with the thought of how deficient they are. Usually in their childhood or past lives there was a repeating pattern of someone bringing up their shortcomings and being very demanding or hard on them, which later on they continue to replicate in their life by thinking it is ok for others to be harsh, deprecating or demanding on them or by becoming so towards themselves and others. So even if they are very critical to others, one should not judge them, because they are first very hard on themselves. Imagine what it is like to live with this constant awareness of your weaknesses and powerful inner critic! 

First and foremost these people, and especially women, because the moon is way more powerful in the chart of women, should learn to love themselves and to ease about their flaws, otherwise this positions can trigger serious depressions and bouts of self doubt and resentments. Also, they can suffer from too much worry and fear about the future and push themselves to the limit in order to prevent possible negative scenarios.

 The self image and love of these people can be very poor in younger age, and another way of compensating, is through showing others that all is good and how wonderful their life is, and how well everything is going, how great their relationships are, how amazingly well they are doing at work, etc, They will not always be like that but mostly when their fears and worries become too intense so they lash out in the other direction trying to convince themselves and others how everything is and will be ok.


All these more painful states tend to improve with age especially for the women with this position. Usually around mid 30-ties onwards when Saturn matures and the person has learned the harsher lessons of this planet and how to navigate its waters through forgiveness.  Their relationships also become much better after with age!

Even though these people are very sensitive and take things very personally you will rarely see them showing weakness in front of others, but do not allow this to fool you-a hard word or gesture will leave a scar in their heart and will stay there for much longer than another person. These people should work on forgiving because it is the only way for them to release the pain and pressure they feel emotionally.

On the positive side, Saturn Moon people, tend drive and discipline themselves more than others so they often succeed in life through sheer persistence and hard work and through constantly trying to perfect their weaknesses, as they are so aware of them. In the worst cases they will have periods of dejection and depression when they just give up and do not want to try anything, in their better days, they are a shining example of self control, discipline, hard working ethic and determiation to do all efforts necessary to succeed!

Women with this position tend to supress their feminine side a bit, not in appearance but by detaching from the softer, receptive and more affectionate feminine qualities, so often motherhood can be a good way for them to developing these traits of the starved Moon, or other nurturing, caring professions. They will not be the softest and sweetest of mothers but more of the disciplinarian type and also very good providers. Often Motherhood can feel a harder task for these women, because Saturn makes any planet it is with more of a burden, but once mothers, they will work very hard at it and take their responsibilities there and in the family very seriously. And they are usually (male or female) very loyal and stable in their emotional and material commitments.

The Moon also shows how well we adapt to new environments and situations, A well placed Moon in the horoscope will be just like water(the element of the Moon) allowing the native to flow naturally into any space and adapt to its shape. When the Moon is with Saturn, a planet which crystalizes and freezes, we have a person who is tense in new environments, takes longer to adapt to new circumstances, is fearful of change and keeps trying to keep the status quo, no matter what. This can hold the native back from feeling happy and enjoying life at the moment, due to his/her constant attempt to keep things as they are. Changing places, breaking marriages or relationships or jobs is a painful process of them due to the longer time it takes to adapt and the fear of the unpredictable new future. They will do it, when circumstances force them usually and not before things become intolerable or inevitable. But this is also a blessing in disguise because these can be some the most faithful, loyal and dedicated people--they will persevere till the bitter end and make their partners and loved ones feel secure! They are just as loyal and perservering in their careers and goals usually!

1-sophia-loren-1934--granger   lana-del-rey28 sting-1

The Moon indicates the most natural mode of operation of the person. When it is with Saturn, in means that from young, or even from past lives, the person got used to more difficult environment, harsher circumstances (material or emotional) and self discipline, hence they will naturally attract and feel most comfortable in environments in which they have more challenges, responsibilities, hard work—all things ruled by Saturn. Putting such a person in a sweet, easy going and happy clappy environment will disturb them in the long term and they will feel uncomfortable there, so often in older age they choose more demanding careers and types of life, where one needs to use a heavy hard and no nonsense attitude or just work very hard. Exactly this trait of theirs makes can help them become very successful in demanding areas where others fear treading because they are not used to such pressures and responsibility. They will not be afraid to get their hands dirty as well! So no Diva attitides here!

This is a hard position, especially when young and in early relationships when these people often feel starved for love and appreciation but once they mature in mid 30-ties, they tend to blossom into wise, responsible, hard working and authoritative people whom others look up. The hardest astrological positions at birth can be transmuted into the most pressures gemstones with time-and nothing brings the same power and growth as these hard combinations! But first they need to learn to forgive others and themselves and worry less! 

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  • Guest (charlie)

    This was a great article:)

  • Guest (Pisces)

    You're Always Very Clear in your explanations, even in videos dear Lada, im your friend pisces in you tube too and in my fb's, too, your a great teacher of astrology, keep up the great work and of course i want more and more of astrologies combos combinations and all lovely sorts, have a nice time always, big hugsssssssss.

  • Guest (Ganesh)

    Every words explained here are absolutely truth. So, This one is called Chandra markothama in hindu astrology and very rare combination. Thank you so much! Clear as Crystals!!!

  • Guest (Amitabh Tripathi)

    Dear Lada
    Thank you for writing this article.I must appreciate you for writing beautifully on a critical topic.I am also an Astrologer with 12 years experience. Your article shows your experience and knowledge about Saturn.The points you mentioned here are 100% correct.I am glad that you also added the positive side of this so called Bad Combination.
    I think you have a strong fifth house, strong Venus and Supremely Positioned Jupiter in Your Horoscope with Saturn's influence on either your Ascendant or it's Lord, Because this required to write such article.

  • Guest (radhika)

    Hi astrolada, I have this combination in libra and whatever u have said is completely completely perfect.. I am 32 years old now.Hopefully, I will come out of the bad effects after 3 years ..Take care