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Saturn and Rahu In Scorpio 2013/14: Prediction for the Signs

From this September/October 2012, two of of the major life influencing planets: Saturn and the North Node of the Moon(Rahu) will be moving into Scorpio. Saturn will stay there for 2.5 years while  for 1.5 years. So what can each sign expect during the next 1.5 years when both these big players are in Scorpio? Saturn takes away, Rahu develops new opportunities in that area of the horoscope.


I will remind you to look at your Ascendant sign mostly, after that the Moon and Sun signs, but if you know your Ascendant sign you can check just  it


Saturn and Rahu will be in your 8th house (8th sign from Aries) which rules one's inner demons, obsessions, the dark side. Saturn and Rahu will help you tackle these more ruthlessly within the next 2 years-stopping bad habits, cutting off toxic elements, people and influences from your life, overcoming your own fears. But they will do this in a harsher way- by increase these, so they can come to the surface and become more of a painful and aware issue. 8th house rules also our ability to trust and open ourselves to others, even if we are going to feel vulnerable: again these two planets will teach you how to do this better but through some painful episodes, possibly. On a more mundane level, 8th shows the support one gets from others-emotional, practical and financial. Saturn will take away some of the sources of such support, while rahu will help you find new ones in different places. 8th house is also one's parter's financial state(business or life partner), so there can be big changes in respect to that. You might have to pay more attention to your taxes, loans, borrowing.



Saturn and Rahu will be in your 7th house of relationships and partnerships, so expect some big changes in that respect. While Saturn will trim away the less healthy and productive such, Rahu will introduce new ones. It is very likely that Taurus Ascendants, in particular, will go through 2 years of making readjustment in the relationship sphere-maybe going through one extreme to another--periods of increased sexual interaction given by Rahu and new important people in your life, and periods of cutting loose old connections.Rahu in your 7th house might bring more exotic partners: foreigners, or such from different background than yours, while Saturn will bring more serious and even older ones.



Saturn and Rahu will be in your 6th house of work, service and illness. This will bring certain re-adjustments in connection to your work, the way you approach your work and how you do it. 6th house also rules regimes and routines, you will surely cut off old such and introduce new ones into your life-it will be a very auspicious period for starting an improved health regime and sticking with it, experimenting with new daily routines and trimming the unproductive such. Health problems might arise, if you do not put proper care for your body and lifestyle. On a mundane level, 6th house rules debts, so you will have the chance to end old such but also to make new ones so be careful how you manage your debts in this period. But on the whole this will be a positive period because these cruel planets give you better ability to handle more strenuous and difficult situations, to be more inventive and mature in solving problems(usually such of practical nature)


Saturn and Rahu will be in your 5th house of self-esteem, self-expression, creativity, children, romance. For some of you Rahu will increase your desire for children and can even give you such or just focus you more on the affairs of your children and developing the relationship with them, while Saturn will introduce more responsibilities in that area. You can observe this directly in the life of your children too: they will be given new opportunities to develop and grow while at the same time more strenuous duties and obstacles to overcome. Both planets have separative influence, so for some of your this can be a time when your kids fly off the nest or become more independent.

Your creativity and self expression will also undergo rigorous change: it is possible that you find new exciting areas of self expression: like hobbies or other creative outlets given by Rahu, while Saturn will make you work much harder at these. Your self-esteem might be tested through some painful experience, but that is only so you can build a newer-more grounded and realistic one. Romance, affairs and flirts can be a source of more disruptions too-periods of increased wilder activity given by Rahu, and such of drying up, increased caution and blows to your self esteem through such given by Saturn--which comes first depends on your personal chart-it might be in the reversed order.


Saturn and Rahu are in your 4th house of family, roots, home, properties and emotional happiness. Both these planets have harsher influence on the emotions, so often you might find yourself in 2013/14 feeling less settled inside and even less happy. You have to consciously work on finding inner balance no matter what the circumstances around you. Anchoring your self through nature and relaxing practices will help. On a mundane level, some of you might go through separations from family or roots, while getting into new "families"-in reality or symbolically. Changes in your places of residence, re-locations will also be very likely. Rahu can give new properties or development of the present ones, while Saturn usually gives changes or even some troubles to do with your home. The family and personal life can be more turbulent than usual but rahu will help you develop your family relationships to a newer level.


Saturn and Rahu will be in your 3rd house of courage, self-initiative, studies, learning, skills, communications and siblings(what a medley of things!)

Actually difficult planets like Rahu and Saturn love being in the 3rd house, so all in all, this will not be a very troublesome period for Virgo ascendants (unless you have your Moon or Sun in Scorpio), just the opposite: your ability to tackle new skills and areas of learning will be increased, you will be more fearless in regards to new experiences and starting new projects, your self initiative will improve because you will be harder on your self. It is very likely that you learn some new skills or language even, go on a course etc. You will be much more likely to experiment with new skills and interests than normal(thanks to the dare devil Rahu, while Saturn will make you stick to them and put the hard work necessary to become good at these!) There will be more focus on travel -rahu will increase travels and daily moving around(how busy you are), while Saturn can give more travels to do with responsibilities. Your communications skills will be developed- learning new methods of communication--like Internet, experimenting with social networks, new places to meet people, etc, while Saturn will get rid of some of the old way you did your daily interactions with other-for example: changing your normal social environment. The relationships with your siblings and relatives can be more difficult or their lives might be a source of more worry or big change.


Saturn and Rahu will be in your 2nd house of Resources, responsibilities and "nearest and dearest"

The mixed influenced of Saturn and Rahu will give you very interesting developments in regards to your finances. Saturn will restrict or eliminate the availability of some of your old financial resources, so you will have to be careful at some periods and be more responsible with the way you manage these, while Rahu should bring you new sources of financial support. Your family and materail responsibilities will increase, while at the same time Rahu will help you be more inventive in regards to finding new methods to deal with these more successfully. Your might also go through certain tests in regards to your closest friendships and family members-you might loose some old ones and gain brand new close friends but in what order this comes depends on your personal horoscope.


Saturn and Rahu will be in your own sign in the first house of your horoscope. You will be going through the biggest changes in your life compared to the other signs.

First house rules your own path in life and direction. Rahu will bring you new opportunities on this path and generally a brand new you sense of self. It will help you develop more self reliance, strength and independence, while Saturn in your 1st house indicates that you are starting a totally new phase of your life, which entails endings of many sorts in regards to the past-this can be painful but the ultimate goal is to help you develop your more authentic and realistic path in life. The focus will be on your self and who you really are-like a baring of the raw essence and taking important decisions as to how you will be progressing in the future, which will have an impact on the next 30 years of your life


Saturn and Rahu will be transiting your 12th house of karma, ending, letting go and expenses. The next 2 years will be mostly a period when you will be completing the old cycle in your life(30 year cycle) and getting ready for a new start from 2015 onwards, which indicates that it will not be a period of new beginnings or making big new starts, rather you will have to learn to let go during this period, and let God. You will be reaping many of the karma's of the past 30 year cycle, so it might feel like that period is more fated and you have little control over it with your own free will, betrayals or dishonesty from others is also likely--just accept what is coming, pay off whatever karma throws at you and keep the mental picture that you are in an ending cycle, getting ready to be re-born later. 12th house is a spiritual one, so Rahu will help you develop and experiment with new forms of spirituality, openness towards inner work and connection to your Higher Self/God. If you are not the spiritual type, then at least plan a period of retreat away to focus on your inner self, do some thinking about life. Longer holidays and even break from work can also be beneficial in this period. Endings or losses can come to you in this period but learn to accept them and let go of them, if you resist these, you might find your self suffering more than you want to. On a more mundane level, certain more serious expenses can come up that you have to deal with, but on the positive side, these can be spendings on things for your self like holidays, shopping,etc. You will develop more escapism tendencies throughout the next 24 months, which can be very beneficial to you, if they are not the unhealthy ones like drinking or drugs. Best such are more alone time, reading, spiritual research, any type of intellectual research, retreats etc. Learn to let go, be in a charitable spirit and give more than receive-this is the right action now!


Saturn and Rahu will be in your 11th house of social connections, groups, friendships, earnings. Saturn will end or test certain unproductive or unhealthy social connections you have and make you more aware and cautious who you affiliate yourself with, also some of your friends can have problems in their lives which rub off on you. While Rahu will bring you new such friendships and help you develop an identification with a brand new social circle or group of people, such that you have never expected. You might become socially more active in new ventures and areas of interests, and Saturn will help you be more responsible and dedicated to these. Your gains from career or work (earnings) will be overcoming a change too: old such will end or be challenged but you will be able to develop new such and more inventive approaches to the old ones.


Saturn and Rahu will be in your 10th house of career and reputation, for many of you this will be a period during which you social status will change-sometimes through your own actions like career and social activity, sometimes even through a marriage (ending of such or a new one) . Saturn will end careers for some of you, if these were not your authentic calling or have not been fully dedicated to these, or will bring certain challenges in your work so you can adjust and improve it with more effort and focus, but you will definetly have more responsibilities in connection to career and the focus for Aquarius ascendants will be very much in that area for the next 24 months. While Rahu will bring new opportunities for growth in your chosen field or a new one, often even unexpectedly. Which come first(the endings and increased responsibilities showed by Saturn or the new opportunities for development there showed by Rahu) depends on your personal horoscope specifics.


Saturn and Rahu will be in your 9th house of believes, purpose and faith. During this period Saturn will restructure your believes, you might trim and throw out many old believes or rules by which you lived your life till now which are no longer productive, while at the same time Rahu will help develop new such and even venture into more unusual and exotic belief systems. You can explore new culture and will be more eager to dive into new philosophies. Your purpose and plans for the future will undergo a surge but also a reality check. University or higher educational studies will be a place of focused development for many, and you might embark on such even if you are older. You might find new Gurus, teachers or inspirational fugures in your life, while letting go of old such.


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    Wow !I´m scorpio I´m really affraid of so many changes in my life !