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Riya Psychic

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Lada About Riya: "It was enough saying hello to Riya, to know that she is a pure soul and so connected to Source! You can feel her enthusiasm and compassion-she even shared that she slept with he Tarot cards to charge them up! Riya talked without interruption and gave me a month by month break down for the next year. She immediately narrowed on a personal situation I wanted to ask her about after the general reading, so I did not have to make the effort even as she gave me all the information I wanted within the genaral reading. I am proud to have such a talented and positive person on the website and I am sure Riya will quickly win the hearts of many!"
I am Riya , your tarot card reader.  I have been practicing for 11 years and have got expertise in three major areas, Tarot cards, Angel cards and Karma cards. Moreover, I own a crystal ball which gives clear reflection and transmits the message of the Universe through my third eye chakra.
Are you looking for love, luck and success? Are you curious how the upcoming days will unfold for you?
I am offering you my psychic abilities as a tarot card reader, along with deep knowledge of angel and karma cards reading. All you need to do is to make an appointment.

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10 minute reading with Riya $22

10 min Reading with Riya $22.00

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20 minute reading with Riya $44

20 minute reading with Riya $44.00

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30 minute reading with Riya $66

30 minute reading with Riya $66.00

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