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Radko Psychic

Tarot, Dreams
Lada about Radko: "Radko is an old soul in a young body, with awesome peacefulness and humbleness radiating from him. If there is one quality which is needed for a high level Light Worker this is humbleness! When I tested him, I asked him just one question which was urgent for me, and he gave me an answer I did not like and was sure it would not happen as he said. On the next day, I thought I was right as the problem was sorted, but later it appeared again like he predicted. He had said the previous day that I would have to keep asking questions before I resolved it and it would be awhile before it was sorted out, he urged me to look for other solutions which is exactly what I had evetually to do!
My tester also had a reading with him but of a different nature. She had a long 40 minute session with Radko and said it was one of the best tarot reading she had ever had. She particularly recommended Radko for an indepth consultation! So Radko passed with flying colors both tests: the snap answer to one question and the profound life direction session!
My name is Radko Hristov and I am a professional TAROT reader. My first encounter with Tarot  was when I was 14 years and I quickly became proficient at it! Since 10 years old I have been meditating and I started training my self to have vivid lucid dreams about certain events and after a couple of years practice I succeeded.
I was an engineer for 5 years but I knew that my calling was in helping others through my intuitive gifts and Tarot. I am letting people's feedback speak for me.
I am also gifted at dream interpretations. 

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Written Answer to one Question: $35.00

Radko sends you a written in depth answer about a specific situation in your life, using his great Tarot skills.  
Once you order the reading, leave your question in the form below. 

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10 Minute Reading with Radko Hristov: $30.00

10 Minute Reading with Radko Hristov: $30

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20 Minute Reading with Radko Hristov: $57.00 + 10 FREE Minutes till 1st of March only!!

20 Minute Reading with Radko Hristov: $57

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30 Minute Reading with Radko Hristov: $79.00 + a Free Answer to one Question on Top of the time till 1st of April Only!

30 Minute Reading with Radko Hristov: $79

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60 Minute Reading with Radko Hristov: $100.00

60 Minute Reading with Radko Hristov: $100

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