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Olga Astrologer

Western Astrologer
I am Olga, Astrologer and Tarotist, Aquarius sun, Aquarius Acendant and with a Moon in Leo. I have been blessed to live in Switzerland, Canada, France and born in Belarus, I speak Russian, French and English fluently.
I have been interested in esoteric sciences since I was very young, when the need for my personal spiritual quest became evident. Inevitably, I found it absolutely necessary to determine the causes of events in my life and to find solutions to my own problems. 
Astrology has helped me look deeply inside myself in order to analyze my character and understand the causes of difficulties and obstacles in my life. By accepting my karmic program, I was able to find inner peace and harmony, love myself, accept my past and be more tolerant. It has enabled me to look to the future with optimism because everything that happens to is necessary for our personal evolution and ultimately for our own good.
I am committed to working honestly and conscientiously. My main goal is to help the client make the right decisions in any given situation and make the most appropriate choices for his or her life. From my point of view, if a problem occurs, there is always a solution. I focus on the heart of the problem and try to offer as much information as possible about it so that the client may fully understand it.
* The information I get from the Tarot comes through special channels that are exempt from logical or rational explanations. I will not discuss people who are deceased, nor will I analyze their birth charts. I do not communicate with spirits.
I do not yet work on issues related to health, operations, accidents and deaths.
Furthermore, neither do I bedevil, bewitch, conjure, nor engage in white or black magic.


Here are my services

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Written Answer to One question $40

Olga uses the Tarot and Lenormand cards to answer your question

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20 min Basic Astro-Tarot with Olga $58 Order NOW and Get 10 MINS FREE On TOP!

Olga uses Astrology, Tarot and Lenormand cards to answer your questions. 

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Basic Astro-Tarot Reading 30 minutes $86. Order NOW and Get a FREE answer to One Question on TOP!

This is a service that covers many purposes, answering any question that doesn’t require special analysis or extensive preparations. To answer your questions, I will use all the tools at my disposition: astrological techniques, the Tarot and Lenormand cards. Required data: date, place and time of birth.   

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Basic Astro/Tarot Reading 60 Min $150

This is a service that covers many purposes, answering any question that doesn’t require special analysis or extensive preparations. To answer your questions, I will use all the tools at my disposition: astrological techniques, the Tarot and Lenormand cards. Required data: date, place and time of birth.   

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Answers to 3 Questions with Tarot $105

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Rectification of Birth time $120

Knowing the exact time of birth is the first and the most important requirement of any professional astrological consultation and it guarantees high quality services. 

The basic requirements for the rectification of the horoscope are as follow:

Birth data is to be recorded in the following order: day, month, year, place of birth.
The list of the most important events of your life (fill in the rectification form, I will send you, once you contact me)
Photos: two of the face (side and front view) and one from head to feet.

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Birth Chart Analysis $120

From the moment of birth to the moment of death, human beings are subjected to the rhythmic influence of the 10 planets of the Solar system, symbolizing the traits of their inner essence that they need to develop in their current incarnation. At the same time, our earthly life is conditionally divided into 12 spheres of experience through which all people go, and which correspond to the 12 astrological houses of the horoscope. The houses overlap with the signs of the Zodiac and the planets are situated, at any moment, in a house as well as in a Sign.

The position of the planets in the signs and the houses has a triple meaning:

The position of the planets in the signs of the Zodiac will determine the personality traits that have to be developed, perfectioned and overcome. The quality of the aspects between the planets will determine the conditions – the easy mode (if there are harmonious aspects) or the austere mode (if there are negative aspects) - in which a person will have to go through the lessons of life, and what will be the marked tendency of her harmonious or conflictual contacts with her environment.
The position of the planets in the houses of the horoscope and the aspects between them will determine in which specific spheres of life the person will be brought to develop and to improve the aspects of her inner essence, according to the program of her current incarnation. The presence of harmonious and disharmonious aspects between the planets will, again, determine the conditions, be they peaceful or conflictual, under which the person will be brought to go through the spheres of life experiences.

The analysis of your birth horoscope allows me to determine the synthetic and the highlighted signs, each of which sometimes being represented more than once in the horoscope of a person. I will provide you with a table which will allow, in the form of diagrams presenting various parameters of the analysis, to see all the facets of an individual clearly, as represented by: the dominant hemispheres (northern / southern, eastern / western), the decans, the quadrants, the elements, the modalities and the highlighted signs.

The cycles of the planets ruling the highlighted and synthetic signs of the birth horoscope guide the main cycles in the life of the individual, the pulse of his destiny.

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Relationship Horoscope $160

In my work I go through the following steps:

The analysis of each partner's chart.
If there any indicator of potential problems in the person's romantic life;
Are there indicators of harmonious relationships and of a happy marriage; the circumstances in which the encounter with a partner will be possible;
what will have an impact on a relationship, on the marriage.

Mutual expectations of the partners:
what you expect from the partner and what you give to the partner;
are the expectations of both partners met? Yes / no and to what extent? Are the most important expectations satisfied?
conclusion: are both persons interesting to one to another or not.

The synastry in itself:
the level of understanding;
the level of interaction;
the level of conflicts; the seals of happiness and the seals of unhappiness, and which partner they come from;
determination of who's the leader and who is the follower in the couple; sexual interaction.

The karmic side of the relationship:
Does a relationship contain a karmic aspect? There is two types of karmic relationships.
First there can be real bonds or ties with people met in past incarnations. The first sign of such a relation is an instant recognition of the person at the moment of the first encounter. In this situation, the karmic programs are launched, which is accompanied by the emergence of unfounded fears, or unjustified trust... Most often, in such a relationship we can see the continuation of close family ties from past lives, of parental debts, arrears in love and marriage, old hostilities or passions.
Secondly, sometimes there were no contacts in past incarnations, but the relationship affects our subconscious – dreams, expectations, hidden complexes, thus contributing to an intense spiritual growth... The interactions with such a partner catalyzes processes of protection or of transformation in our psyche, and this is a sufficient enough reason, by far, for these relations to be seen as karmic.
In this context, when analyzing a specific synastry, it is important to mention how a partner helps or hinders the other in the realization of his karmic program.

Predictions on the evolution of the relationship:
In this part of the analysis, I will give you an overview of the evolution of the relationship: the prediction of the periods of crisis, and of the ups and downs over a specified period of time. It is also possible to evaluate a probability of marriage, if the partners are not married yet.

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Career Choice Horoscope $130

The choice of a career is one of the most important and most difficult choices in life. Very often, a person chooses a profession or activity not because she really loves it, but for other reasons. This report provides an accurate evaluation of the character, temperament, talents, abilities, strengths and weaknesses of a person;

Offer guidance on the most effective use of one's talents and most pronounced inclinations;
Determine the variety of appropriate professions, in which you can be most successful;
Describe the attitude of a person towards her responsibilities, towards her colleagues, her place in the team and in the professional hierarchy;
Identify one's best possible types of income sources (wage earner, auxiliary earnings, freelance, self-employed, entrepreneurial activity, investments, partnership);

Learn how to balance your social and professional achievements with your karmic program on a more global level.
When analyzing a teenager's horoscope, the emphasis will also be placed on the fields of studies and types of trainings, if the choice of a profession has not yet been made. When working on an adult's horoscope, who already has completed studies and has acquired working experience in a particular field (or several fields), compromises could be proposed as interesting paths of solution: how to combine one's knowledge and existing experience with an evolution in a better direction.

Your age does not really matter: it is never too late to change your life!

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Extensive Analysis of Your Love Life and Relationships $140

Rectification required first!

Analysis of the birth chart

-Your behaviours in romantic relationships and how  to consciously overcome the sabotaging patterns. It shows you what is karmically determined from the past, baggage from past lives and gives recommendations on how to adjust your behaviour. 
-Your Vision of Love
-Your sexual preferences 
-How you build relationships in your own family and you can manage to build a happy conjugal life. 

The image of the partner 
each of us is attracted to a partner with a certain physical and personality traits. The horoscope shows what we are looking for in another. The description of the most appropriate partner, will reveal to you which traits your ideal suitor should have, in order to really meet your expectations. 

Marital Relationship
the number of possible marriage in the lifetime. Indications for a happy and advantageous marriage, for re-marriage, for multiple marriages, for cohabitation outside of marriage, for the risk of divorce or break up, for celibacy or widowhood. 

The Forecast
the indications for relationships and love in the current year and evaluation of the probability of marriage in the next 7 years

I will indicate in what typical circumstances, namely in which activities and sphere of life you have the best chance of meeting a romantic partner (how to search). Also, using the technique of Astro-carto-graphy, I will help you determine, for a stated period of time, the geographical territory most favourable for a romantic encounter and a successful marriage (where to search).   Rectification Required first!!  

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5 Year Theme Predictions $300

Rectification Required!!

Option A: Career, Finances, Social Achievements 
Subjects Discussed: career progress, periods of ups and downs, of expansion and crisis, eventual change of profession. Favourable and dangerous time for investments, for a company start  up, for a real estate purchase, Moving and emigration. 

Option B: Love, Marriage, Family
Subjects discussed: evolution in personal relationships, possibility of a marriage, family developments and problems, birth of children. 

The Rectification is required. Besides your birth details, I also need to know your current place of residence. Techniques used: primary directions, secondary progressions, tertiary progressions, solar revolutions, transits, solar eclipses

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Relocation Horoscope up to 10 places! $200

Rectification is required first! 

-Evaluation of your current place. How the astrological resonances impact on your potential (personal success, finances, relationships, etc)
-The most favourable places on the planet, based on criteria selected by you (your priorities, like love, career, fame, social life, etc) 
-Selection from TEN locations of your choice. I select the very best one for you. I also suggest where in that town you might want to set up residence or business. 
-the best location in your vicinity. While you might not be able to move to another location immediately, it can still tell you of a more favourable place to relocate within the town/city or near close to your present location. 
-Location answers to your personal and pressing questions- relationships, work, family, buying land, education, etc)
-A list of the most difficult or dangerous places. Where and why you need to take extra care in those areas. 

What you get: your personal relocation report and your Astro-Carto-Graphy map kit, consisting of maps of the world, showing you lifelong power zones where your planets are active. You also get interpretive information to read your maps.   

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Karmic Life Horoscope $175

The Karmic program is the core of a person's current incarnation. By and large, 80-90% of customers’ calls to an astrologer are related to a failure in accomplishing their karmic program. Therefore, its knowledge and understanding are essential conditions for the attainment of harmony and happiness. Indicators of Light and Darkness  In one’s horoscope the two primary karmic indicators are abstract planets: The White Moon and The Black Moon. 
The White Moon, or Selena – shows the path of Light, of Truth, as well as the path to Supreme Harmony. It gives a person grace and the sense of supreme significance. It is this grace that helps a person change the world around her by first changing herself.
The Black Moon, or Lilith - it indicates the sum of our impious actions on an ethical level, the ones that were accumulated in previous incarnations and that dwell in the deep subconscious level. Lilith reflects our egoistic side, the side which is the most submissive to instincts; our dark nature, conditioned by the impacts and temptations of our surroundings. The position of Lilith in the signs and houses of the horoscope indicates the areas of life where a person can be tempted and, thus, risk worsening her karma. This is the path of destruction and dead ends.
The following karmic indicator – it is even more: it is the vector of Man’s evolution –, is the position of the Lunar Nodes in the signs and houses of the horoscope.  The Lunar Nodes, namely the ascending node, Rahu, and the descending node, Ketu, are two other abstract points formed by the intersection of the solar and lunar orbits. The cycle of the Lunar Nodes is 18.68 years. The significance of the Lunar Nodes in the evolution of our consciousness is much more important than the significance of the actual planets of the solar system. The Nodes show how the person has deviated from her evolutionary path in past lives, and how it has affected the problems and tasks of her current incarnation. The Lunar Nodes are closely connected to the cycle of earthly incarnations and strongly bind a person to her karma. People born during an eclipse (at the time when a new moon or a full moon occurs at the same moment when the Sun and the Moon form a conjunction with the Lunar Nodes), all have a very heavy karmic burden and pay for a lot of debts that link them to earlier incarnations. The Lunar Nodes also show the direction in which man must evolve and characterize the form of this evolution. Both Nodes show how to proceed with this change, and which aspect of herself the person must qualitatively transform in order to reach the next stage in her evolution.  In the analysis, we also consider conjunctions of Selena, Lilith and The Lunar Nodes with the real planets.  Retrograde planets. From time to time, all the planets, except of course the Sun and the Moon, enter into a retrograde phase. In Sanskrit, the equivalent to the word retrograde is vakri, which literally means: twisted, winding, indefinite or indirect. The astrological symbol of this phenomenon is the icon ''R''. Retrograde planets symbolize all the karmic debts, gaps, and lessons that were not learned, that we still carry with us from past lives. These debts are linked with the areas that are in the competence of the retrograde planets. This means that in the aspects of her life corresponding to the spheres of influence of these planets, a person needs deep introspection in order to understand the best course of actions. The normal influence of a planet is somehow reversed by the fact that it is in retrograde position. The more retrograde planets a person has in her birth chart, the more mistakes it means her soul made in past incarnations, and so the more she will have to work hard on fixing these errors in the present incarnation. The absence of retrograde planets is the testimony of a righteous life in the last incarnation. For example, if a person has Mercury as a retrograde planet, it means that in past incarnations she misused her competences, her eloquence, etc. In the present life, in order to acquire knowledge she will have to make an extra effort, to strive more than other people in this particular field. If a person has Mars as a retrograde planet, it means that in past life the person did not use her strength and energy properly. In the present life, this person must work hard on herself in order to have enough energy and strength.
House XII  When in a person’s birth chart there are a lot of planets in the twelfth house, the house which symbolically corresponds to the sign of Pisces, it is a direct reference to impersonal service to God, the higher power, to an abstract ideal, humanity, or to a particular individual. House XII being filled with planets, is an indication of impersonal service and sacrifice, of the manifestation of compassion and mercy, as well as of the practice of esotericism.

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Child Horoscope $150

The majority of our skills and talents are given to us at birth. But how can we figure out what has been given to us and need to be developed, and in what spheres we can never obtain tangible results?  This question can be answered through astrology. The sooner a person discovers her/his talents, the more she/he will be able to develop them. An analysis of the horoscope made during childhood can help a person avoid many problems in their adult life. The child's horoscope contains a description of the personality ( strong and weak sides),  aptitudes, abilities and potential skills, as well as advices to help the child in his/her learning process. This knowledge will help you with his/her education, will allow you to help your child develop a harmonious personality. It will help you build a relationship of trust with him, making you an ally in developing his abilities, his potential, his uniqueness and talents.  The analysis also reveals options of professional orientation and gives advices on the choice of the sport that would be the most helpful for the development of your child. 
This service is recommended for parents whose children have not yet reached the age of 11.

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Selection or Change of a Name $100

Choosing a name for a baby, business or an adult, which resonates harmoniously with their life mission and purpose as indicated in their horoscope. A change of name changes one's luck and destiny 

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