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Magic Mike

Magic Mike Astrologer

Astrology, Tarot
Michael has been practicing Western Astrology and Tarot since 2012.

Gemini Sun, Taurus ascendant and Capricorn moon, his communication skills along with his work ethic make him stand out from the crowd. His way of interpreting astrology and tarot is a blend of intuition, knowldge and an old soul. Michael is exceptionally spiritual and uses Astrology as a way to help people in need of guidance, compassion, understanding or faith. Having worked closely and learned from amazing astrologers like Christopher Witecki & The Leo King, Michael currently resides in TX and is finishing his degree in business management. I just love the original unique approach Michael brings to Astrology, his ability to find humour in everything, even the toughest most challenging planetary aspects!

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Answer to One Specific Question $35

Michael uses Astrology and/or Tarot to answer your question. Please send your natal chart details so that he can answer your question with your chart. He can do a written or recorded versions, as requested. 
You are welcome to send your question to Michael in the contact form.   

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20 minutes with Michael $58 + 10 FREE Minutes till 1st of March Only!!

You are welcome to contact Michael from the form to schedule or directly call him through the call me button, if he is online

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30 minutes with Michael $86 + one FREE Answer to a QUESTION on top till 1st of April only!

You are welcome to schedule a booking with Michael from the contact form or directly call him from his call button, if he is online

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60 mins with Magic Mike $150 + a Free Lunar Report for the Month! till 1st of March Only!!

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The Power of your Planets: Video Recorded Horoscope $120

A video report that will interpret your zodiac chart and illuminate how your personal planet placements make up your personality and influence the life you live psychologically, spiritually, in love and career.   Your Clan (The Sun) Your Vessel (The Moon) Your Quality of Actions (Mars) Your Ability To Give and Receive Pleasure (Venus) Your Communication Skills (Mercury) Your Higher Mind (Jupiter) Your Work Ethic (Saturn) Your Inner Genius (Uranus) Your Christ Consciousness (Neptune) Your Awakening (Pluto) I will also include in the report how these planets are affected in the houses they are in as well as other important details that make up who you are.

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12 Months Astrology Forecast $120

In a forecast report with Magic Mike you will gain an insightful understanding of the events that will occur to 12 months ahead from when you order.  He will interpret the transits of the planets over the next 12 months based on how the transiting planets will affect your natal chart. You can expect specific dates that will key you into important events in your life over the next 12 months as well as an overall understanding of how to perceive this year long transit.

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Relationship Synastry $120

I will provide a video report based on the natal charts of both you and another person that will illuminate the energy of the relationship as well as the potential of the both of you as lovers or friends. In this reading I will talk about the planets you have and how it affects the person of interest and vice versa. I will also provide a background to what each of you are going through currently to assess any positive or negative influences getting in the way of you two maintain a harmonious relationship or helping you both.

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Lunar Return Horoscope with Mike (video) $75

In this lunar return video report you will understand the moon's influences that you will experience for the month. Every time your moon sign revolves around your chart over a 28-30 day period you learn emotional lessons based on the aspects the moon makes to current transiting planets and your natal planets in your chart. This will explain your easy days vs the more challenging days, and when is a good time for love, career, new ventures and in depth insight to the month personalised just for you based on your natal chart.

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Solar Return Reading via Skype $90

In this solar return report you will understand the karmic mission of your conscious awareness for a whole solar revolution relative to your natal chart. Your Sun has returned to a prime position in your natal makeup bringing gifts and new lessons. (video reading ) one price LIVE SOLAR RETURN REPORT ON SKYPE PERSONAL CONSULT Michael will be LIVE on Skype to interpret your solar return chart with you and you will be able to ask questions and interact with him real time.

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