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Kirsty Psychic

Psychic, Medium 
Lada about Kirsty: "Kirsty hears her Guides and gets information straight from the Higher Dimensions, that is the reason why her reading really impressed me with its psychic insight. She was able to tell such details as what I had been doing on the day of the reading, plus what will happen in the near and further future. All that she has told me so far has come to pass! I have been to hundreds of readings throughout my life, but Kirsty is one those with a true Gift from God, and to be honest Astrology can never come as close to giving you details about the person you will marry or the career you will have, as Kirsty's psychic vision can!

Kirsty Scott says:

I work with tarot and angel cards whilst contacting passed loved ones . I was born into a family that were very sceptical about the spirit world or anything to do with it. I knew from a young age that I had something "extra" but didnt quite know why it was there or how to use it. Not having anyone to talk to about this or to guide me I thought it would be best to switch off from it really , as I knew my family would just think I was making it up. I chose to ignore it for many years until I became an adult. Then the odd thing what I would call coincidence would occur. By this time I had decided just to let it be a part of my life and live with it , but still wasnt ready to develop it. Sadly my father passed away when I was 17 in horrific circumstances. I didnt deal with this very well or at all really. I wanted so much to be able to contact him. I went from one medium to another searching for that little snippet of information that might confirm he was with me, but i got nothing.

I then went on to have my own family , all the time still being desperate to hear from my father. Many many times I had been told I too was gifted and should tune into this. My own grief was the thing that drove and inspired me to finally begin to open up to the spirit world. If I could  help heal the pain and loss for others that I had endured then it was time.

Once I started to open up I realised I had found my calling , this was not a job it was my vocation. Very quickly I was able to receive and pass on information of passed loved ones and up coming events in peoples lives . I started to get messages and letters of thanks from people telling me how I had changed their lives. This was amazing for me I was so honoured to be able to do this for people that had been trapped in grief.

I feel that my life has evolved completely , almost like I was stopped in my tracks and guided to towards this wonderful gift which I want to share with as many people as possible. I have real passion for my work and reap the rewards daily from my angels , as they guide me down the path that lies ahead. Never have I felt such satisfaction and rewards that I get from helping others. Life is a journey and i would like to invite you to be a part of my journey.

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10 Minutes Reading with Kirsty Scott: $32

10 Minutes Reading with Kirsty Scott: $32.00

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20 Minutes Reading with Kirsty Scott: $62.00

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30 Minutes Reading with Kirsty Scott: $92

30 Minutes Reading with Kirsty Scott: $92.00

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Past Life Regression over Skype with Kirsty: $149

Past Life Regression over Skype with Kirsty: $149.00

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