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My interest in astrology first began several years ago after a relatively difficult time in my life. I went through a period of several months when everything seemed to be going awry: my health, finances, relationships with close friends, my home and family situation— all of it seemed to be falling into disarray and I simply couldn’t catch a break. Shortly after the chaos settled, a friend informed me about a series of astrological transits that recently occurred. Astonished by the accuracy in relationship to my experience, I quickly became obsessed with the ancient science of astrology. Since then, I haven’t stopped learning and am incredibly grateful for the wonderful teachers and resources I’ve stumbled across throughout my years of study.
I have been studying astrology for roughly seven years and have had the honor of working with some highly talented and well-respected teachers. My background is in psychology and I hold a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and am certified as a Yoga Teacher and Trauma Informed Yoga Therapist. The connection between mind, body and spirit has always fascinated me, and I am currently studying medical astrology with an incredibly gifted teacher. 
My work is centered on Western astrology, combining both traditional and modern techniques. My readings typically include an in-depth look at unique astrological blueprints through interpretation of birth charts, current and future influences and predictions in order to encourage the best possible use of the energy ahead. All of my readings include both the traditional and outer planets along with many of the “goddess” influences, asteroids and trans-Neptunian dwarf planets and planetoids. 
Combining astrology with my psychological background, I use astrological interpretation as a tool for self-exploration and discovery. My approach integrates practical knowledge with intuitive insight and offers a deep sense of relief, as re-discovering oneself through the birth chart provides the permission and guidance to live as one’s authentic self. Through exploring transits to the birth chart, it is possible to find order in seemingly chaotic life events by pairing a deeper meaning, purpose and context with difficult life experiences. 

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Answer to one question (video recording) $40

Write to Heather to give your details and question. Heather will send you a video recording!

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30-Minute Natal Chart or Transit Reading $70

Gain a sense of your personal planetary energies through an in-depth interpretation of your birth chart focused on one or more topics most important to you. This type of reading is perfect for those who are just beginning to learn about astrology or for seasoned star-watchers looking for an update on current and upcoming transits! Contact Heather using the form below for scheduling. Please include your birth information and any specific questions or areas of focus for the reading. 

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60-Minute In-Depth Natal Chart & Transit Reading $140

Discover a deeper sense of meaning and purpose through an in depth exploration of the natal chart. This 1-hour reading includes an overview of the birth chart along with current major transits for the next 3-6 months. This type of reading is highly recommended for first time clients. Gain important insight into your life’s path and learn about current planetary influences specific to your unique birth chart.  Contact Heather using the form below for scheduling. Please include your birth information and any specific questions or areas of focus for the reading.      

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