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Eliz-sha Psychic

Psychic, Medium
" Eliz.sha touched on things others didn't. She was able to put things in context without clues from me. She was able to draw from the past and the present and look in to the very near future. She draws a card, then closes her eyes and speaks out things that make sense, and are happening. Sometimes she speaks in metaphors that only I understand. I was surprised when she was able to describe my shawl...what I will be wearing when I meet a Taurus man. I bought a shawl that fits her description exactly two days before the reading and I met the Taurus man! She even decribed his house and black fire place, which I saw.
I can relate to things she said about my past, and my personality, which were accurate. I was also amazed that she said I was a Venusian and Moon person (she did not take birth details), knowing that these two planets are on house cusps and important in my life. I had a 2 hour reading Eliz-sha and I highly recommend her for a long reading, so she can really get in detail."
A. L.

Hello, I am Eliz-sha.  I have earned the title Wise Woman through 45 years of doing spiritual readings. I come from a long line of hedge witches and I have inherited their magic.  My ancestors continue to guide me in giving knowledge to those that come seeking.  No question is too small to ask my guides for no one can judge another’s soul; life experience has taught me this.
I use the Spiral Tarot to channel the guides, and will show you the cards as they are drawn.  I am also a medium if you would like to speak to your family and friend who have passed.

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20 minute reading with Wise Woman $44.00 +5 FREE Minutes till 1st of March only!!

20 minute reading with Wise Woman

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30 minute reading with Wise Woman $66.50 + 10 FREE Minutes till 1st of March only!!

30 minute reading with Wise Woman

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60 minute reading with Wise woman $118.60

60 minute reading with Wise Woman

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Written Answer to one Question $29

Eliza.sha emails you within 2 days a written answer to a specific question: 4 to 5 sentences. 

Once you order, you can contact Eliza.sha via the contact form below and leave your question and some details regarding the matter. 

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