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Hello! Im DeAriesha AKA Astro DEDE!
I have been studying and practicing this for the past 17 years. I've done reading for many, all over the world and would describe myself as a Western astrologer currently studying Vedic. I do all types of readings but my specialty is love and relationships. I’ve always found it fascinating how much one can see about themselves as well as how they interact with another using this tool.  Weather its about when your love opportunities are coming around or if you want to find out if that friendship you like to get serious will come around, it’s a great joy to help. This can apply not to just love but business partnerships as well as family and friends, how you all connect matters. Persona birth chart/transit readings are my second favorite because like Ru Paul says “who are you gonna love if you cant love your self?” I believe self-mastery is the key to mastering anything else in life.
Astrology is an art that I have a great appreciation and respect for and I apply this thoughtfulness to the readings I give my clients. My goal is to leave you inspired and feeling empowered to keep thriving loving and living with a better self-understanding. I received my Masters in Education and enjoy being able to apply my skills in teaching to provide a lively dynamic to delivering this information to those that wish to learn the basic to advanced studies

Here are my services

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Answer to one question $40

Written or recorded I will look at your birth chart details and transits to answer any question in detail.

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30 Min Natal Chart/Transit Reading 60$

skype or recorded Here I describe the birth chart patterns and how they can challenge or encourage ones future opportunities. We look at the upcoming transits for you and how you can use them to your advantage. We can pick a topic of your choice to focus on such as love, career, money, past lives.

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30 min Solar Return Reading 80$

Skype or Recorded We look at the entire year starting from ones birthday cycle and find the upcoming trends and theme to look out for.

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60min Natal Chart/Transit 120$

Skype or Recorded I take another look at one's birth chart and focus on any topic of ones choosing. Whether it is to find out about the next love opportunity or when a good time could be to get a new job or move, this would be the reading to get.  

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60min Solar Return 160$

Skype or Recorded I look at the upcoming trends for the year and see whats ahead starting from your birthday till the next birthday, month by month

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15 min Love trend reading 40$

Written or Recorded Where are my opportunities for love and what’s the best type to go for? This is an example of the questions that will get answered in this reading. We get right down to the point and find out about how to be more open to romantic love in your life.

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2 Partner Questions 60$

Written or recorded I look at the birth chart of you and your lover, friend or coworker and answer any question of your hearts desire pertain to the relationship. I can tell you if the relationship has the potential to long term, uncongenial, affectionate or even abusive once I receive the birth info.

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30 min Partner Reading 80$

I go in depth and find out the dynamics between you and your partner. I look at both birth charts and look for how the relationship can help you both grow. 

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60 min Partner Reading 160$

Contact me from the contact form to give your details and questions

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45mins any lesson 100$

You pick a topic of your choice and I will provide a video lesson on it and provide references and information as well as study guides.

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