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ALL About CANCER $29.99
June 25th 2017 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8 pm GMT

14th of May 2017, Astrolada is teaching 12 webinars - 2 every month, covering the secrets of each zodiac sign. 
No Need for previous Astrology knowledge but by the end of the course, you will learn more than what 90% of practicing astrologers know!
You can order each sign separately for an introductory rate of $29.99 or all 12 in one go for just $250 + Marina's E-book: 12 Faced of the Zodiac Signs! 
Every 2 weeks one webinar for one sign will be live, everyone receives the video after that so no problem if you can't make it live. If you order the course after or just couldn't attend the live event, you can email Astrolada with your questions. 
The information offered in these classes is unique and combines knowledge from ancient and modern astrology sources: Vedic, Babylonian, Hellenistic, Western. It incorporates real life statistics and practical observations, not just symbolical interpretations. 
Each Class will be approx. 3 to 4 hours long and will cover the following:
1. The mythology, symbology, astrology, psychology rulerships and meaning of CANCER
2. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and The Lunar nodes through the relevant sign: CANCER
3. Taurus  through the Houses. What it means to have that sign on the cusp of each one of the 12 houses. For example someone with Libra on the 2nd house cusp will have a very different financial situation and money securing strategies in life than someone with Pisces there. Trying to gain money in a way different than the nature of the sign in question will be counter productive and bring delays or mediocre results. 
4. The important life themes derived from the houses for CANCER: Life path, money, commercial activities, family, children, work, health, relationships, transformation and death, belief system, career, social life, spirituality, etc. 
5. The similar patterns of life themes for everyone with the same Dominant CANCER. 
6. Inherently weak(difficult) or strong(easy) life themes CANCER
7. Best strategy for success in the different life areas for CANCER according to the meta zodiac.
8. Celebrity and real life examples
9. Q&A


PAST Webinars you can also Purchase:

PROGRESSED CHARTS with Magic Mike. Predictive Astrology
The Evolution of your Soul

Progressed charts show you the evolution process and cycle of your soul and spirit. The purpose of them are to gain a real time understanding of how you are progressing on the lessons of your natal chart and soul's purpose in this present incarnation. It shows us how we evolve as human beings, in relationships, skills, beliefs and lessons, and how we constantly change and transform.
Progressions are a powerful predictive tool in astrology, which can point you the major turning points in life! 

In this webinar Mike will teach you: 

Purpose of Progressed Chart

Progressed Chart vs Natal Chart 

Readings Planets, Asteroids and Progressions (sun, moon , mars, venus, Jupiter, saturn, mercury, neptune, uranus, pluto, the north and south node )

Progressed Chart Reading Techniques (casting the chart)

Journey of the Sun through the 3 Decans

Ascendant Sign Magical Journey through progressions

The progressed paths for the cardinal fixed and mutable signs and differences in their journey

Blending Charts

When To Use Which Chart in regards to your query

Q &A with Magic Mike

Click on the picture below to order the Webinar:


SEX and LOVE 101 Astrology with Candace
Course for Beginners! No Need to know Astrology

Candace is a Scorpio Sun, Libra Ascendant, Aries moon Psychic Astrologer and appeared as a guest host of Elite Daily's, Astrology and Dating series in 2015. Giving expert advice on the zodiac signs and dating, as a follow up to Elite Daily's "What your zodiac sign says about your dating habits''. Here we have her break down and teach us the most important factors to look for in love, sex and romance, and how you can learn so much about yourself and the person you are with by comparing your natal charts. But before you can compare them, you must understand what you are looking at, and what you are looking for!
Your self esteem, emotional reactions and needs, how you please and pleasure another, how you communicate, and how you want to be pleased is found in the chart, along with what you desire on a sexual , romantic, emotional and moral level.

In this 2 hour webinar, Candace will teach you how to assess the personality, relationship habits, sexual compatibility and preferences and you will learn what and where to look for in the natal chart when it comes to how one navigates desire, intimacy, and the emotional connections that come with sex and love.
You do not need to know any previous astrology to take this class, Candace starts at the beginning! You will learn the following:
• Are you an Initiator, Builder or a  Negotiator
• Why comparing SUN SIGNS is not Enough
• How to calculate your sun moon and ascendant sign and the 12 houses on the zodiac wheel.
The SPECIFIC and  MOST IMPORTANT areas in the natal chart to look at for with regards to
• The energy of EVERY PLANET and what it brings to the table in regards to romance love and sexual expression
• The parts of the human body that each  planet  rules, how we give love, receive love, deal with confrontation and communicate our needs.
• The moon sign and body sensitivity.
Click on the picture for the webinar:

sex 101


When you purchase this course you will receive a recording of the live webinar, but you can still email me if you have questions on the material (as long as they are not for personal questions), because you would have missed the live Q&A in the webinar. 

After the success of the All About Saturn and Uranus Webinar, we proceed with the most mystical of planets-Neptune!  

In this 6 hour long webinar we will cover:

-The Astronomy and Astrology of Neptune
-Neptune in World History Predictions
-Neptune in Houses in the Birth Chart
-Neptune in Aspects to Planets in the Birth Chart
-Predicting with Neptune: Neptune in transits, solar arcs, progressions. 
-Multiple life and celebrity examples

Click on the picture below for the webinar: 


SOUL MATE COMPATIBILITY with Astrolada $29.99! 
Unlocking the secrets of the Soul Mate Chart- Navamsa. 

There is a special SOUL CHART, called the Navamsa in ancient Vedic astrology(or the 9th Divisional chart in modern astrology), which maps the longing of your soul: what your Higher Self leads you to acquire as qualities in this lifetime. It is often referred as the chart of the future incarnation, because working towards these character traits in this life, will reflect as positions in your future life birth chart. It is also known as the chart, which takes over after 50, with emotional maturity and when we are more complete in our development.

Indeed this chart indicates NOT what we come here with as qualities, which is clearly shown by the birth chart, but what we strive to, what life pushes us towards and what we gradually become.

What the soul longs for, the soul attract most often through our closest partners and loved ones. We are drawn to the people who naturally have the qualities we need for our evolution the most, and this is how we end up marrying or partnering with them! This is the reason the chart is known in vedic astrology, as the soul mate or marriage horoscope, because no one shapes our character and experience of ourselves more than our life partners. You will discover uncanny similarities between the birth chart of your life partner and your Soul Chart. 

In this webinar Astrolada teaches you the secrets of the Soul Mate chart and how to compare your horoscope to another and see if this person-lover or friend, parent or child, is someone who helps you develop your soul purpose. If so, these people will play a major role in your life and will stay for a long period in your life. You will also find out what to look for in the birth chart of potential partners, if they are to satisfy your soul longing and needs!

This ancient compatibility method reveals why many sexually and emotionally compatible people(according to their birth charts) never end up in serious relationships or why some very unlikely pairs and different characters can be magnetically connected for years! And while most modern astrologers are left scratching their heads while pouring over such cases, having this easy method in your arsenal, will quickly give you clarity!

Of course, sometimes the soul connection goes just from one person to the other and not vice versa, then we have someone who swears they have found their soulmate, but the other person does not feel the same way. You will find out how this plays out though the soul mate charts too. 

You will learn:

-philosophy and meaning of the Navamsha, D9 Soul Chart
-finding the most important points of the Soul Mate chart: Moon, Ascendant/Descendant and Rahu and Ketu
-interpreting the soul mate chart
-seeing different marriage partners from the soul mate chart
-comparing your soulmate chart to another's birth chart
-how to see if the soul attraction goes both ways
-multiple examples!

NO PREVIOUS ASTROLOGY KNOWLEDGE OR EXPERIENCE NEEDED! This technique is so easy, yet so profound! All you need is the correct birth time of both partners and love for learning! 

Click on the picture for the webinar: 


Black Moon Lillith in Astrology
Merging the dark with the light for greatness webinar with Western Astrologer Magic Mike
The energy of Black moon Lillith in your chart is a supernatural energy that you are born with, that you carry into this lifetime. The dark Goddess within that can empower you and allow you to live your life through channelling your dark and light, sexual and erotic, and can have the energy of Mars and Neptune. Lillith is about temptation, desire, deep intense yearning and rebellion, kundalini , seduction and psychic ability, even artistic ability. and we can harness it to express our feminine power. For the men, where Lillith is placed, is the type of women that tempt you and draw you in the most, where you can easily lose self control.

It is powerful, magical and magnetic, and similar to the High Priestess card in tarot.
Once we can tap into Lillith we can use this energy to manifest greatest desires. As with all vibrations, there are positive and negative and Magic Mike will lead you through how to handle both. 
What you will learn:
The role of Lillith in Astrology
The elemental properties of Lillith
The state of Lillith (Cardinal, Mutable, Fixed )
Lillith through signs
Lillith through houses
Lillith conjunct and in aspects to planets
History of Lillith
How do we encompass and work with our Lillith
Celebrity examples with strong Lillith placements their charts
Lillith in love: Working or failing
Q and A with Magic Mike

All attendees will receive a chance to win a free Lillith reading with Magic Mike
Everyone will receive a copy of the recording.
To Purchase the Webinar:


The North and South Nodes in the Horoscope 

Only $44.99!
Astrolada goes in depth in this 4 hour webinar in regards to the mystical South and North nodes, also known as Rahu and Ketu.  Astrolada gives you the Modern western, Vedic and ancient astrology outlook on the Karmic importance of the nodes. 
We discuss the following topics:
-Rahu and Ketu in astronomy, mythology and history

-Eclipses and the South and North Node

-the karmic and evolutionary implications of Rahu and Ketu

-past live talents, challenges and lessons vs present life progress

-Spiritual (South Node) vs Material (North Node) 

-Rahu and Ketu through the houses of the birth chart

-Working with and mastering the challenges of Rahu and Ketu

-Transits of and to the North and South nodes 


All About Saturn in the Birth Chart and Transits
Only $29.99

Astrolada presents an in-depth 4 hour webinar on Saturn. All you ever need to know about Saturn and its impact in the Birth Chart and Astrology. 
Saturn is the planet of Time, Destiny and Fate, it shows our Karma and biggest lessons in this life. Saturn delays and restricts, requires repetition and slow progress, but once we master it, we can heal the wound of Saturn and teach others. 
Saturn's transits unfold the fated script in our life step by step and Lada will reveal how you can read it in advance!
No other planets has such powerfully predictive influence as Saturn! Saturn's cycles best point to crucial life developments and pivotal moments. 
You will learn:
-Saturn in Astrology and Astronomy
-Karma of Saturn
-Lessons of Saturn
-Mastering Saturn 
-Saturn in the Birth Chart 
-Saturn in the 12 Houses and Signs
-Saturn in Transits
-Timing with Saturn transits
-Dealing with Saturn transits


Horoscope Configurations and Aspects

Each horoscope has very unique, art-like configurations and shapes formed between the planets. In this Webinar Marina and Astrolada explain in-depth all the possible combinations which serve as a foundation of one's destiny, character and fate. Analysis of these, is the most insightful start of any horoscope interpretation.  
This webinar is for all level astrology students-you do not have to know astrology to take this course. You will learn how to recognise astrological patterns which are depicted as geometrical shapes.
The more close and exact configurations one has in their horoscope, the more fated their life is. Such people usually find their mission earlier and feel led by destiny on a mission.
We will look at possible shapes and combinations, gives multiple examples, help you find the leading configuration in your horoscope, and explain what is the best strategy for success in your life. 
Configurations include:
Grand Trine
Grand Squares
Half Moon
Star of David
Mystic rectangle
Danda Yoga
Shakti Yoga
Positioning of planets in different quadrants and sectors of the horoscope
Marina will describe these configurations through western astrology, Lada will give insights into these through Vedic Astrology. 
Once you understand how to recognize your leading configuration of the horoscope, you have unlocked the biggest secret of the general life direction for this person! 

Tarot and the Four Elements with Rad
Only $33!

The four elements behind each Tarot Card in the 78 Card Raider Waite Deck can be used to give greater insight and accuracy when predicting with Tarot Cards. In this 3 hour webinar Rad will teach you about the elemental dignities, their influence and what they mean, when interpreting Tarot readings.
Whether a beginner tarot reader or advanced, this webinar is for everyone. no prior Tarot knowledge required! Use elemental dignities to answer questions about love, career, family, events, choices, yes or no questions and more!
• Which cards represent which element ( the entire 78 Raider Waite Deck)
• How the elements contribute to each other to give influence to the potential outcome of the situation, question, event.
• 16 examples of how these techniques of elemental collision and cooperation can be used during your readings
• Enhanced Spreads - Going beyond the basics.
• A special technique used to link your cards together, enhance your spreads, gain greater insight and meaning when predicting with tarot. Learn how to read multiple cards for one position and receive deeper messages in your spreads.
• Timing method - TOP SECRET TECHNIQUE of Rad's that he uses to predict the timing of events. You will learn how to do this technique, practice it and master it, used by the most advanced tarot readers around the world.
• Why you NEVER NEED TO READ TAROT with reversed cards!
Rad's techniques are so accurate, you will never have to read reversed cards again by implementing his knowledge.
Learn how each element behind each tarot card contribute to one another and interact with each other, and how this influences the reading, predictions and messages from the Tarot. Gain greater insight, in depth meaning and answers from the mystical language of the Tarot and the four elements! 
Radko is Master Tarot reader, steeped in the art of card reading, since the age of 14. He has a huge international following: fans, clients and students from around the world! His penetrating Scorpio energy gives him powerful insight into the occult arts!

Compatibility for Lovers and Marriage 
with Arabic Love Points 

20% off for Everyone who had bought the Fixed stars Webinars. Email me for the discount!

This will not be your usual compatibility astrology course-comparing signs of Venus or aspects between the planets. In this Webinar ancient astrologer Trifon Nikolov and Astrolada teach you how to calculate special points of love, eros, passion, marriage and how to compare them with important planets or points in the horoscope of your partner. Astrologers usually tell you that if you have your Moon with someone's Sun, you are soul mates and meant to be together, but so many people have such an combination and no attraction or spark to lead them to a lasting relationship or even any kind of intimate relationship. The latter once if important love Arabic points in your horoscope coincide with your partner's. 

Only the arabic love points show the most passionate, loving and desirous areas in your horoscope, which, if triggered by another person, indicate more than just a friendship!

Join us in this 2-3 hour extensive webinar to find out:

The point of Passion (gives insatiable desire for your partner)
The point of Love and concord (gives soul mate love and deep understanding)
The point of Eros (no comment)
The point of Marriage for men (who a man is meant to marry)
The point of Marriage for women (who a woman is meant to marry)
3-4 other love points which indicate intense chemistry and love

Compatibility will become a piece of cake for you, armed with just these few powerful points, you can forget about the complicated inter-aspects, synastry charts etc. After experimenting with these simple parts you will  likely never again use other techniques for compatibility and assessing love!

CLICK on the PICTURE below to REGISTER for the Compatibility for Lovers and Marriage Course:

arabic lots

Stelliums in the Birth Chart $29.99

Stelliums are conjunctions of 3 or more planets within a short distance. They indicate a special mission one is born into! This mission often requires big sacrifices one is required to make in order to fulfil it, but if one avoids the imperative demands of one's stellium, they will be thrown into a repeating cycle of difficulties, losses and dissatisfaction, happening in other areas of their life, until they start unfolding the intense talents and goal indicated by the sign and house of the stellium. 
Actually in old times seers and astrologers would advise people with big stelliums to go into ashrams, retreats or monasteries and withdraw from the world, so they could focus exclusively on mission indicated by the planets, without the distraction of normal duties and pleasures.

Stelliums are a sign of a pioneering spirit, they have purpose to set new beginnings and blaze new trails in certain areas. I will walk you through each of these combinations and what they mean. 

This is what you will get for the 3 hour webinar for just $29.99

-How to find if you have a stellium in your horoscope
-which stelliums are most powerful and which less so
-which stelliums give more problems and which are more supportive
-what stelliums in different signs mean 
-what stelliums in different houses mean
-how to discover your imperative life mission as indicated by the stellium
-how to manifest it in the modern world
-careers connected to different stelliums 
-ancient and modern interpretations of stelliums. 
-multiple celebrity and real life examples
-Q&A at the end and discussing some charts 

Click on the picture below to purchase the webinar:


Astrological Psychology for Children Webinar with Marina & Astrolada
Know the strengths talents and weaknesses of your child

In this webinar you can receive information about the following topics:
- Birth matrixes – Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto matrixes; how to define if your child has such matrix and what is the influence of that.

- The dominant astrological element – description of the characteristics.

- Combinations between the different astrological elements.

- Communication between the parent and the child according to the dominant element in their horoscopes.

- The sign of the Moon – what type of mother your child needs; what can help him to feel secure.

- Aspects of the Moon – describe the behavior of your child and the relationship with the mother.

- Indications for education and learning – sign and planets in 3rd house; sign position and aspects of Mercury.

Click on the picture below to register for the webinar: 


JUPITER in LIBRA - 2016/2017
3 Hour Course / Webinar with Astrolada 

How will YOU be blessed in 2017?!
In this 3 hour class, Astrolada goes in depth to explain how to:

look at your Jupiter transits, for the coming Jupiter in Sept 2016-Oct 2017,
Jupiter will influence you personally.
What area of your life Jupiter will BLESS, EXPAND and bring ABUNDANCE to!
How to predict the opportunities Jupiter will bring over the coming year for your loved ones, like a professional astrologer
Lada goes through each possible Jupiter transit and what to expect from it.
Jupiter transits to your personal planets
Jupiter transits through the 12 houses
How the Jupiter and Saturn mutual aspect to Aquarius and Gemini will bring powerful manifestations for whatever these signs rule in your horoscope. 
Astrolada goes through multiple examples of charts of participants.
Once you purchase the course, you are welcome to send a picture of your horoscope to [email protected]
who will tell you what part of the webinar exactly is relevant for your personal horoscope. 

Click on the image below to purchase the recording of this fantastic course: 

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