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Mars in Pisces. Energy and Sex Drive

Such person is very delicate and always takes into consideration the desires and opinions of others. He does not intrude where he is not invited or desired. These people like to make others comfortable and do not expect a reward in return or special gratitude. Their way of acting is usually light and delicate, their decisions usually stay hidden from others. They do not possess an unusual physical strength and do not like to do anything by force, they need to feel some sort of joy from the actions they do and then they are capable of long and enduring effort and work. They are idealistic and rarely will do something out of selfish reasons, but sometime their actions can look a bit impractical to others. Even though others might consider their behavior as timid, weak or ambivalent, Mars in Pisces believe that real strength is on the inside and they can win by giving in to the rival and dissolving his strength with the power of their spirit and acceptance.

In love, they are especially emotional and sensitive and they need to experience deep and intense interaction. Even though they are capable of strong passions and love, they do not like and never exhibit roughness or pushiness in relationships. Everything needs to be romantic, secretive and private. But they definitely need to experience all emotions through psychical contact, as well. They are some of the best lovers, because they always feel intuitively what the partner needs. They definitely know how to give romantically, like no one else! 

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