Horoscope Configurations and Aspects

Shapes in the Horoscope
Each horoscope has very unique, art-like configurations and shapes formed between the planets. In this Webinar Marina and Astrolada explain in-depth all the possible combinations which serve as a foundation of one's destiny, character and fate. Analysis of these, is the most insightful start of any horoscope interpretation.  

This webinar is for all level astrology students-you do not have to know astrology to take this course. You will learn how to recognise astrological patterns which are depicted as geometrical shapes.

The more close and exact configurations one has in their horoscope, the more fated their life is. Such people usually find their mission earlier and feel led by destiny on a mission.

We will look at possible shapes and combinations, gives multiple examples, help you find the leading configuration in your horoscope, and explain what is the best strategy for success in your life. 

Configurations include:

Grand Trine
Grand Squares
Half Moon
Star of David
Mystic rectangle
Danda Yoga
Shakti Yoga

Positioning of planets in different quadrants and sectors of the horoscope
Marina will describe these configurations through western astrology, Lada will give insights into these through Vedic Astrology. 

Once you understand how to recognise your leading configuration of the horoscope, you have unlocked the biggest secret of the general life direction for this person! 

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The fundamentals of understanding character and destiny in the horoscope

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