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    • Dear Friends, keep in mind that scheduling skype appointments with me might take up to a month before we can have the consultation. The answer to one quetsion is usually a faster service which I can deliver within a...

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    • freeLada answers some of your questions usually those concerning astrological techniques and methods. For personal question, please select one of her paid services or call one of our professional astrologers.


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      About Lada

      All my life I have been looking for ways of getting to know myself better and  develop beyond my self imposed limitations. I researched psychology, philosophy, religions, occult arts and...

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Monthly Horoscopes

Aries November 2014 video horoscope with Astrolada Lada is an internationally known astrologer, lecturer, teacher and reader based in London, originally from the mystical Bulgaria. To access thousands of Lada's astrology and esoteric knowledge videos and articles: www.astrolada.com

Yearly Horoscopes

www.astrolada.com Lada's 2015 video Horoscopes for Aries. How will Saturn in Sagittarius influence Aries? How will Jupiter going in to Virgo Affecting Aries people. What about the eclipses in Aries in 2015! Find out!

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Everyone goes through a very importnat psychological and outer process of maturation around the age ...

Role Playing and Halloween Suggestions for the Signs

Here are some quick costume suggestion for the different signs to get you into a role playing mood ....

  • Deliberate Travelling with Astrology

  • Days of the Week

  • Astrology Prediction and Free Will

  • Saturn Return-an Initiation into Adulthood

  • Role Playing and Halloween Suggestions for the Signs

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